The Hollow has one definitive goal:

to deliver catchy thought-provoking rock music that encourages self love and mental wellness awareness

The Hollow is a dynamic alternative/ art-rock band with a tightly focused sound that threatens to transform the pedestrian landscape of contemporary rock ’n roll. With thoughtfully layered guitars built upon a hard-driving rhythm section, their powerful music espouses beguiling lyrics and infectious melodies that evoke modern rock icons such as Incubus, Thrice, and Queens of the Stone Age.


"The Hollow" embodies a sense of darkness that reminds us that death is coming for us all. It's with that awareness makes every living day sweeter and more meaningful. 

Let’s not get so distracted in our world as to forget where we’re going. What’s meaningful to us. Let’s not forget to ask the questions…

  • What authentic path are you seeking in this life?

  • What turns you on?

  • What ignites your fire?

  • What is the life you want to have?

  • What do you want to be?

You can do that. It takes daily practice and discipline, but you can get there if you plant the right seeds. 

How We Got Started

The Hollow was forged in the fall of 2013 and is the brain-child of  Spencer Townshend Hughes (Frontman / Rhythm Guitarist). The music is built upon dueling guitars, infectious melodies, theatrical harmonies, and a driving rhythm section that will leave your gut busted and warm all at the same time.

Spencer and Jonathan Bray (Backup Vocals / Lead Guitar) have worked on other rock projects before like Avenues & Reservoirs and the first iteration of The Hollow: Into the Hollow. Jonathan took on a more active role in the band helping drive digital marketing into the mix, shredding guitars, and tasty harmonies for the band.

Spencer writes with drummer, producer, dear friend, and mentor, Sid Riggs (Drummer: Sinisstar and 2wo, Audio Engineer). The rock mentorship Sid provides has been instrumental (no pun intended) to us as aspiring musical entrepreneurs, willing to put in the work to rise in the rock ranks.

The Hollow is fortunate to have found wise counsel from Bob Marlette (Producer: Filter, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Tracy Chapman, Marilyn Manson, and our personal favorite, Anvil) who has provided immense guidance on how to craft your sound, play the part, and do it authentically. Exuding nothing but the kind of rock and roll cool that is required to have longevity in the industry, Marlette has taught us our ABC’s… Always Be Cool. See an interview with him here!

Biggest Achievement

Booking, promoting, and playing the 10-Day / 7-City “CroBot Tour” through the Southwest U.S. in early 2016.

The Hollow (6).png

We’ve nicknamed the tour “The Validation Tour” as we have made significant strides as a band, business, performance group, and rock & roll team, helping create strong momentum behind the project.

The reach and knowledge of our rock has expanded into the hearts of new amazing music industry friends, talented bands and their fan bases, and strategic venue relationships while on the road.

We have elected to keep the internal workings of the tour under our belt to learn the lessons of the road. This way, when we’re ready to align with other professionals who too will answer the call to help us take our rock to the next level. We’ll have a solid, strategic fit that creates value for this world.

In doing this tour, we’ve continued to build our community (or Crowmunity). We’ve attracted new Hollowers into the fold, and strengthened the relationships with our closest supporters by going out to see them in their home cities.

We’ve been fortunate as classically trained theatre performers to be mentored in the craft of theatre and music. While on tour, we’ve received high praise from our most talented and dedicated friends after hearing our music and watching and participating in our live performances. This obviously warmed our hearts beyond comprehension.


Musical entrepreneurship is our mission, and in order to fulfill that, we need to be creative, innovative, and unique. There are multiple ways to stay connected with The Hollow, but the simplest (and most fun) is to join our mobile community. By texting in, you'll receive free music, show updates, and behind-the-scenes access to The Hollow. Simple and fun. What more could you want?