Special thanks to Robert King Photography, Aimee Giese of Greeblehaus, Joel Rekiel of BLDGBLKS Music Company , Sofar Denver, and Matt Cooper of Mods in Oz


To our lovely Crowmunity,

We appreciate you to the moon and back.

We sincerely couldn't do this without you.

So many of you have become fast friends and family.

Thank you for believing in a few musicians who'll put in dedicated time to serve you with the finest Rock / Roll around. 

Remember the 2 bands rules and we'll be fine: 

  1. ELE – Everybody Love Everybody

  2. ABCs – Always Be Cool

If you'd like your picture to join the Wall of Crowbots above, just send us your selfies in our hot merch items and we'll slap it up to live in all it's infamy. 


Spencer, Angela, Jason, Ethan, Jonathan, & Crocket

p.s. if you're interested in supporting our mission, our music, what the hollow means to us, musical entrepreneurship, or just us as people, checkout out the CrowBot Crew and see if you'd be interested in our street team.