Sleep Talkin' Music Video

Today’s the big day. We’ve been working on this thing for six months: writing, conceptualizing, playing, tracking, editing, crimping, shooting, doodling, canoodling, and wrapping it all up for you, our incredible supporters who helped make it all happen.

Now, the video is ready. It’s hot. It’s spicy. It’s loud and heavy; and, to be honest with you, we’re pretty damn proud.

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2016 In Retrospect: Unplugged Concert

Spencer said, 'hey team, let's do an acoustic show live on the digital interwebs.'

And so we did. But we did NOT expect the turnout we received. You all are incredible. We are blown away by our amazing crowmunity of music lovers. 

Check out this blog to hear a cut from our acoustic show of our fan-favorite "An Open Letter to Kim K".

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A Year In Retrospect

This year has been absolutely incredible, and we couldn't have done it without you!

And when we say we couldn't have done it without you, we certainly mean it.

Our tale blisters back to the wintery February of 2016...

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Sofar Denver

We we’re fortunate enough to play four of our songs in an extremely vulnerable and stripped-down fashion, relying on the content of the music (rather than the effects and often sweaty stage performance) to entice the audience members. The incredible team at Sofar Denver provided us with a video of our lyrically haunting tune “Catch As You Can”.

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CroBot Tour Wrapup

A mere three months ago, our mission was simple: To travel the Southwest U.S. and provide the rock for 7 major markets in 10 days. To inspire music-lovers and concert-goers to believe that rock and roll is not dead, yet it is alive and well.

It’s with a hushed tone and slight tremble in our voice to even think the words that we’ll pen to you.

The ability for us musicians to live our dream, to build a life enriched by the pursuit of music entrepreneurship, was made possible by you.

And for that, we are forever grateful.

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Over the Hump (Day 5)

I can’t believe how many things we have to tell you! 

We’re back on the road with a little drive time so I can put this pen to paper and spin this yarn to spindle a quilt of honest rock tales for you to snuggle up with.

Everyone's in great spirits as we are about halfway done with this tour! We're over the hump. :) 

Our southern California shows were killer! 

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Day 2 of Tour

When you take the reigns of a Rock / Roll vessel into the SouthWest American landscape… you’re bound to experience some good olde fashion weatherin’!

Like the pioneers in the classic Oregon Trail game…we’re trekking west for a little of that American Dream. I guess I’m just lucky I didn’t get dysentery… or was it scurvy?? Well either way, I’m drinking more Vitamin C to be sure.

Oh and would you look at that… just crossed into LA County! Stoked for our show tonight at The Silverlake Lounge.

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Day 1 of Tour

We just arrived in Salt Lake City and thought we’d drop you a note to keep you in the loop of our tour endeavors thus far!

Our first show last night at The Whiskey in Fort Collins was a ton of fun. 

Our close and dear friend Vu (affectionately known as Vu Balls) helped us get the whole thing together with his main man JRock… and we are grateful for their support in getting us into The Whiskey. Vu Ballz is like the coolest and most popular guy in Fort Collins… he even got a keg donated for the event!

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