Day 1 of Tour

We just arrived in Salt Lake City and thought we’d drop you a note to keep you in the loop of our tour endeavors thus far!

Our first show last night at The Whiskey in Fort Collins was a ton of fun. 

Our close and dear friend Vu (affectionately known as Vu Balls) helped us get the whole thing together with his main man JRock… and we are grateful for their support in getting us into The Whiskey. Vu Ballz is like the coolest and most popular guy in Fort Collins… he even got a keg donated for the event!

The rock was in full force! 

We received a lot of good feedback on the energy level and the sound overall… there were some technical difficulties, but that’s the beauty of live music! The show must go on. :)

After load out, we all piled into the van and hit the road. We left around 12-1am took 287 up to I-80 West and had smooth sailing the whole way…


If you’ve ever driven that stretch… or anywhere in this general vicinity… you know about the winds one can encounter. 

Jonathan (JB) took first shift driving to Rawlins, around ⅓ of the trek before tagging in the ‘game changer’ Caleb Wood (CWood)… who proceeded to crush the next 5 or so hours getting us safe and sound into the beautiful mountain scenery of SLC.

Spencer took navigator in the cockpit the whole drive and helped keep the drivers awake with his impeccable music selection, good conversation, and silly jokes...

JB encountered some winds early in the drive, but it just got windier and windier as the twilight hours rolled across the sky. With the van, trailer, and high winds, CWood safely cruised us in at around 55 MPH where you can drive 80 MPH! 

Needless to say, it took a little longer and more work to get through the drive, but we are here safe and sound and excited for Day 2 of tour!

It’s starting to rain / snow outside a Starbucks in Downtown where half of us are caffeinating and hydrating the life back into our bodies… while the other half gets some well deserved rest. 

So here’s what we got...

We have a sweet interview lined up at 1pm MST today with the awesome folks at the Daily Utah Chronicle. You can listen in at this link.

Then a show tonight at The Loading Dock in SLC… show starts at 7pm… we’ll go on around 9pm.

Here are the rest of the shows we’re playing and where… 

If you have anyone in these places, we’d greatly appreciate you forwarding this info to your peeps! 

As always, you can find all of our latest and up to date show information at

Thank so much for supporting as, we are grateful for you!! 


The Hollow

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