Day 2 of Tour

When you take the reigns of a Rock / Roll vessel into the SouthWest American landscape… you’re bound to experience some good olde fashion weatherin’!

Like the pioneers in the classic Oregon Trail game…we’re trekking west for a little of that American Dream. I guess I’m just lucky I didn’t get dysentery… or was it scurvy?? Well either way, I’m drinking more Vitamin C to be sure.

Oh and would you look at that… just crossed into LA County! Stoked for our show tonight at The Silverlake Lounge.

Yesterday was awesome! :)

What started as a light rain / snow turned quickly into what can only be characterized as flash blizzard? Is that even a thing? It was as wild as it was fun… the snow filled up the gorgeous valley between purple mountain majesty in Salt Lake City. 

We hailed an Uber and were carried off from our hotel into an adventure guided by the most amazing Julie from the K-Ute family who was instrumental in helping us plug into the University of Utah crew…. who were absolutely lovely students.

We had a great interview with the team that we’re still working on editing together… (We’ll put that up on the interwebs post haste and let you know.)

We also got to play a couple acoustic jams, Catch as You Can and Mask of Pearly Whites as well as chat with Radio Joe about our music and The CroBot Tour.

After heading out, we heard some rather distressing news that the SLC might’ve been canceled because of the snow creating some issues at the spot… but Chris, Scrappy and the gents from The Loading Dock got everything in working order… so we really appreciate all the hard work on their end. 

Got to meet some pretty cool dudes in great bands and listen to some great music: Innocence Lost and Ellipsis. Very rocking… very funky… very groovy… very cool. 

We got to close out the night and for some incredible peeps… especially grateful for those that made a long trek from out of the Utah state… 

The rock was alive and well… we’ll also have some footage of that courtesy of the K-Ute family and Alexis master videographer extraordinaire that we’ll share. 

Catch up with you a little later… off to prep the rock..

We’re stoked to play tonight in Los Angeles tonight! The sunshine in California has warmed our little hearts. 

Now we’ve gotta go pick up the 152 postcards we’re printing to promote our show… 

Cheers friend!

The Hollow

p.s. we have a surprise new member of the CroBot family coming soon… a premium and amazing masquerade mask from the lovely and talented Amanda (aka Maddogg)… who’s pretty much the biggest deal.

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