Over the Hump (Day 5)

I can’t believe how many things we have to tell you! 

We’re back on the road with a little drive time so I can put this pen to paper and spin this yarn to spindle a quilt of honest rock tales for you to snuggle up with.

Everyone's in great spirits as we are about halfway done with this tour! We're over the hump. :) 

Our southern California shows were killer! 

LA LA Land

Silverlake Lounge was incredible as we got about 20 Hollow Followers to come out for the rock on a Friday evening in LA totaling 50+ in attendance overall!  

Not too shabby for our first tour to the City of Angels. 

Good to see some good 'dino buddies' and some other amazingly talented friends out pursuing their dreams.

We had an amazing show and got to support The Strike… who are PHENOMENAL musicians… you should check them out...

...they are like everything you like in popular rock music… rocking, smooth vocals, polished music, brilliant covers and HORNS!

GOOD HORNS MAN! hahahahaa.

Really amazing all around!

Spencer dedicated An Open Letter to Kim K to Kim K… don’t think she was in attendance… but we’re hoping we can get her the message next time we're in LA.

Also, we have a new friend to introduce you to tomorrow... he's a little shy... but this is game changer.

The CroBot Tour has merited many boons... and we can't wait to share this one soon. #EagleHasLanded

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Look.. it's not in my nature to be mysterious... but I can't talk about it, and I can't talk about why...

Sandy Eggo

The Merrow in San Diego was popping.

We met some really great folks... and the sound there is just incredible. Really appreciate you guys opening up your stage to us.

Garth Algar and Fuzz Huzzi were a joy to fiddle around with…see what I did there? 


Garth Algar made me remember why I originally fell in love with metal… a great big heavy doom sound… great rock scream vokes… you’re really gonna like that at the end of the day.

Fuzz Huzzi’s guitars were incendiary. I had multiple face melting occurrences… pretty much have no more face... on my face… so there’s that. 

Check these guys out for the days you need some hard rock in your life.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Adam Hart for his generosity for allowing some of us to crash at his space for the evening and providing dinner for a few hungry road warriors. Much love to you, Adam! See you again upon our return. 

On the Road Again

The road beckons.

We’re heading up I-5 to #LasVegas! Excited to play at The ArtificeTONIGHT about 5 minutes from the strip with incredible local bands DEATH WHISTLE and PET TIGERS!! 

It's a FREE SHOW. If you have any buddies in the Vegas Area who like music... let em know we're in the area please!


Every person that comes helps further our cause of delivering exceptional music to you and the world, so we are certainly grateful for the love!

My prediction for the evening? A whole lotta rock and a very healthy dose of roll.

Cheers friend. Stay frosty.

The Hollow

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