Do you think we're DENVER'S BEST ROCK BAND?

We can't even believe it!

We've been attending Denver's Westword Music Showcase for AGES! Seeing some of Colorado's greatest talents share an incredible summer afternoon in Colorado's Golden Triangle. After year's of attending, it dawned on us that we had NO IDEA how to submit to this amazing festival. Who do we need to know? Who do we chat with? Are we even COOL ENOUGH?


Not only do you need to be NOMINATED by Denver's finest music influencers in order to be nominated for Denver's Best, but they select a handful of the nominees to also PLAY in the festival. 

Turns out we're not doin' too shabby. 

We're so excited for this amazing opportunity, and if you believe that The Hollow is fit to hold the title as DENVER'S BEST ROCK BAND OF 2018, then PLEASE do us a solid and please vote for us. It HARDLY takes any time and you'd be making one of Denver's rock groups so insanely happy. 

Thank you again for being the best friends, family, and fans a humble rock band could ask for. 

Be well. Chat soon. 

Spencer, Jimmy, Angela, Jason, and Jonathan

The Hollow