Hey Fam,

Well, we did it.

We made it into the TOP 10 for BIG GIG '18... !!!

And now, the fun begins. 

Are you ready?

We warned you, and we prepared you. We need you now. No time to waste.

If you're reading our emails and blogs, you are aware of the KTCL 93.3 Music Nerd program. If you haven't already, scope it out here and get yourself signed up! 

The top 5 entirely depends on the vote of the Music Nerds. So let that nerd flag fly, my friends.

In KTCL 93.3's Big Gig, the listeners pick the winners. It’s up to you to vote for The Hollow to win it big.

We’ve submitted our single, Sleep Talkin’, and we’re confident that it has a shot to win it all.

The top 5 bands, as voted by you, will be invited to play live at the Fiddler's Green Amphitheater on Sunday, July 15th, but the band that receives the most votes shares the main stage with Walk The Moon, 30 Seconds To Mars, AND MORE!  The winning band is decided 100% by music survey votes prior to the show.

We need you to get us to that show. You’ve seen us live. You know what we’re dishing out. 


1. Sign up

a.) Demographic information

b.) MORE demographic information

c). Radio habits: "Tell me what your interests are. WHO YOU BEEEEEEEEEE WITH..."

2. YOU DID IT!! Now, click through your dashboard and click on "CHANNEL 93.3 BIG GIG LOCAL BANDS MUSIC SURVEY"

  • Listen through the songs and vote for your favorite songs! If you forgot Sleep Talkin’, by The Hollow, check it out (duh). 
  • Each email address registered for the surveys will only be allowed to vote once so PLEASE tell your friends, your family, your Facebook, and anyone else you can think of and be sure to post if you hear us on the radio! Get the word out, and get the vote in. We’re counting on you.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Click here to register and/or login as a KTCL 93.3 Music Nerd. 

We appreciate you. Truly. Your time and support means the world to us. 

Please don't hesitate with questions, thoughts or ideas. 


Chat soon. Be well. 

Spencer, Jonathan, Jason, Angela, and Jimmy