CroBot Tour Wrapup

A mere three months ago, our mission was simple: To travel the Southwest U.S. and provide the rock for 7 major markets in 10 days. To inspire music-lovers and concert-goers to believe that rock and roll is not dead... it is alive and well.

It’s with a hushed tone and slight tremble in our voice to even think the words that we’ll pen to you.

The ability for us musicians to live our dream, to build a life enriched by the pursuit of music entrepreneurship, was made possible by you.

And for that, we are forever grateful.

Mission Accomplished.

None of this would've been possible without the efforts of our team and strong support from our community. So thank you to all who were involved. 

As we reflect on the road about our time together, we’ve learned we’re closer than we ever thought possible.

We’re struck by the generosity of all we’ve encountered the most humble, amazing, supportive, loving, amazing people on our journey. You’ve truly touched our hearts.

You’ve opened your homes, your wallets, and your hearts to support these music lovers and their dreams of pursuing music as a career.

To be able to share our music with you for the rest of our days, our dearest friends, is a dream come true. We love hanging with you as you overwhelm us with encouragement to keep going.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In 10 days on our CroBot Tour, we encountered the generosity and amazing spirits of talented musicians who are well-respected and connected to venue and industry folks, as well as new music-loving beauties that are falling in love with rock and roll all over again.

Here are just a few stories from the road. If you’d like to hear more of the spicy details, please don’t hesitate to hit us up on social media, email, or mobile. We’d LOVE to catch up and tell you about our stories.

Oooooh, LA LA Land

Well, let us start with LA, where we were so fortunate to hang with the amazing and talented MadDogg (who we’ve mentioned before). She has absolutely changed the game, for which we must shout her out one more time. After all, she is a master puppeteer and puppet maker with the fine people at Jim Henson’s Shop in the City of Angels.

Here’s Spencer in the new crobot mask with some cool effects on the pic… #HasFilter. This ‘Plague Doctor’ styled mask will be the main costume piece in our next music video introducing ‘Dr. Plague’ to the world.

Dr. Plague is our reminder that death is coming for us all. Instead of that revelation being a fearful one, it’s one of the awareness that this very moment, the moment you’re reading this and the moment you are experiencing right now, is a gift. We have a different spin on the popular culture acronym of You Only Live Once (YOLO). You Only Die Once (YODO), because you live everyday!

Every day is the day you could start or keep making your wildest dreams come true. If you’re willing to do the next best thing in this moment, and take a strong orientation of living each moment like the gift that it is, than you, my friend, will enjoy a rich and meaningful life full of purpose and love.

Allow us to introduce to you Dr. Plague:

(Also, huge shout out and thank you to Justin (JMT) for being the quickest wit and funniest guy we probably know and for putting together the header ‘Fire and Ice’ image of Spee and Jaybles at the top of this yarn.)

Next up: San Diego (Which, of course, is Spanish for “A Whale’s Vagina”).

The handsome and generous Adam opened up his little slice of heaven adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Here’s the whole team feeling refreshed from the sound of ocean waves and cool breeze from our beautiful perch.

We threw some pigskin on the beach. Spencer may or may not have compared himself several times to the sheriff himself, Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos. Only if you like 6’3”, 190 lbs. quarterbacks with rocket laser arms...

The show at The Merrow in San Diego was one of the most memorable events of our life with cameos from old and new friends alike like Chadles,  Alex, and Uncle George. (Ask Spee or Tour Manager C Wood to tell you that story… it’s too funny).

Garth Algar brought the DARKNESS in with that doom metal sound we’ve all heard in our nightmares. Also, Uncle George rocked that shit with Fuzz Huzzi. We had a great time sharing the stage with these awesome musicians. 

Garth Algar also donated their dollars earned to our tour, stating that they appreciate what we are doing as touring musicians and they understand the trials and tribulations of being on the road. 

Now THAT’S doing it for the love of music. To our friends in Garth Algar, we are forever grateful for you and can’t wait to share the stage with you again soon.

Viva Las Vegas!!

As we rolled into Vegas, things got a little weird. The flashy lights from Vegas elicited our more mischievous sides, and I’m pretty sure everyone came home with a little extra $$$, Lady Luck being on our side and all…. except for Jaybles and AW who don’t gamble due to the odds always being in favor of the house… but hey… the lights are pretty. :)

Vegas also is home to some of the world’s preeminent performers, like the handsome and talented Bob Torti, who was gracious enough to give these rock musicians a taste of “Rock of Ages” in Vegas.

Thanks Bob for the tix!! We are super grateful for all your love and mentorship throughout the years.

We’ve brought in very dear new friends into the fold like Jer Bear who we had the pleasure to meet along with the fabulous Lizzy of Pet Tigers. Here are a couple shots of the night at Artifice Bar in Las Vegas.

We also had the pleasure of this polaroid picture extravaganza outside The Artifice Bar with Jer Bear. What happens in Vegas...


A huge shout out to The Rebel Lounge. The venue was LITERALLY on fire a week before we played there and the team there renovated the place in time for us to bring the rock. SO THANK YOU REBEL LOUNGE AND PHOENIX FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR LETTING US BRING THE ROCK!!

We had a great show with Bad Funk, Black Rabbits, and Tim Dogg and the Shopping Cart Boys. Everyone had great energy, great music, and great attitudes. Really a joy working with y'all. 

Here’s a story of Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Kenny, two dear souls who opened up their home to us six weary travelers.

The gift of one night in their extremely well-cared-for home replenished our spirits with energy. We drove straight to the venue from Vegas, but knowing that we were going to be sharing a home with family made our night significantly better.

When you pull in late to a venue and put on the greatest rock show you can muster, a good night's rest helps heaps. You see, you have to bring the goods every night, because for some people it is their first night seeing us perform. We savor the present moment for this reason... we get to share that moment in time with those that came out.

On our way home from Phoenix, we stopped at a truck stop in Gallup, NW. Here’s a random picture of us at that truck stop. Angela located some other pretty ponies, so naturally a photo op occurred... Even though we were in our PJ’s…

Here’s Spee and Jonerz in the van on the way back to our Colorado show, trying to look as cool as possible ;). We posted up in the back to send some thank you’s to our generous financial backers of the tour as well as new friends we met on the road who were very generous by donating their spaces, their food, and their time.


Here’s a photo of our Homecoming Show at 3 Kings Tavern. We had a wonderful time. We were able to share the stage with great acts like Thief River, Big Rock Radio, and Pride & Pieces.

It truly is our dream to play and share our music with you and it wouldn’t be possible without our lovely friends, family, fans, and community.

Please don’t be a stranger. We’re accessible and open to your suggestions, connections, support, and anything you else you’d like to chat about.

We’re going to go into ‘monk mode’ for a little while… a process whereby we retract from being ‘out there’ so we can fine tune our product and processes from all the learnings shared by you and friends on the road.

Spencer has a pretty amazing opportunity to play with some of Denver’s best musicians at DJ Alf’s Half-oween party at Lost Lake on April 30th. It’s a show where Alf has put together “Frankenbands” (taking select members of Denver bands and piecing them together into one new band). Spencer has the privilege to play with Mark Hawkins (ex-Photo Atlas), Tye Battistella (ex-Reno Divorce), and Jason Hoke (The Epilogues).

We’re so excited to announce our our plans for putting together our Fall 2016 Y.Ø.D.Ø. tour to the West Coast.

We’re revisiting the cities we toured as well as opening it up to through NoCal, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada.

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