Hey Gang, 

Here's us rocking Flame to Fuse live at Evergroove Studios. 🔥

Flame to Fuse is about the passionate connections we share and those hot nights that can explode. 

"Can I have a look at the lyrics?" you ask adeptly.

Why sure, have a look...

Verse I

Excuse me, miss?  Do you have a light?

This fuse needs feeding from you tonight.

And, with that spark, let’s ignite yours too.

There’s only so much tick... tick... tick... before the boom.


This love refused to go unlit.

and you don’t know what you’re missin’ yet.

Verse II

You lick your lips and the fuse grows taught

and it’s burnin’ baby, burnin’ at white hot.

My heart skips a beat, pumps gasoline

as this love soaked fuse burns right through to the machine.


This love, it refused to go unlit,

and you don’t know what you’re missin’ yet.