Sleep Talkin' Music Video

Today’s the big day. We’ve been working on this thing for six months: writing, conceptualizing, playing, tracking, editing, crimping, shooting, doodling, canoodling, and wrapping it all up for you, our incredible supporters who helped make it all happen.

Now, the video is ready. It’s hot. It’s spicy. It’s loud and heavy; and, to be honest with you, we’re pretty damn proud.

Sleep Talkin’ is an exploration of the importance of communication, and the effect that communication (or the lack thereof) has had on all of our past and present relationships.

Share with your friends. If it strikes a chord with you, we would love to hear about it. 

If you'd like to hear the Sleep Talkin' single or snag it for your own, you can find it on:

Above all, thanks for sticking with us. Joining our community, coming to our shows, being our friends: it is all meaningful, and we appreciate you for all of it.

Thanks again, see you real soon,
Jason, Spencer, Jonathan, Ethan, Angela, and Crocket

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