Sleep Talkin' Music Video Release Show

Hey Gang, 

What do you think is the biggest key to a successful relationship? Honesty? Patience? Communication?

All of those things make a relationship a little simpler to be in, but practicing them constantly is a challenge. But the goal is the same: to be in a successful and meaningful relationship. 

Why do good relationships succeed? Good communication.

Why do most relationships fail? Bad communication. 

We’re all guilty of the blanket “I’m fine” statement. No really, it’s fine.. ;) but what are we afraid of, 30sec of awkward conversation before a better resolution? 

Communicating can be difficult and it takes practice. This is why one of our band rules is Everybody love everybody. We’re all only human doing the best we can.

And we’re here to communicate with you about an important moment for us in our music entrepreneurship. And we really need you to show up to this one. 

This is the one. The big kahuna. El grande queso.

We’re headlining Syntax Physic Opera for one night only to bring you the biggest thing we’ve ever done:

Sleep Talkin’: The Music Video

We brought out all the tricks in this vid: drones, light-up skirts, actresses, the works. Here's a little trailer...

We kept the neighbors up until 2 am to put this thing together, and we’re so excited to share it with you. But you know what’s better than just a boring, old, lame, retro concert?

Did you guess “pajama party”?!?!

That’s right. We’ve laid down the gauntlet. We’re inviting you to dress in your craziest, comfiest PJ’s and come celebrate with us for a good ol’ fashioned Slumber Party (just minus the sleep).

Friday, November 3rd
Syntax Physic Opera
Doors: 8pm Music: 9pm
Tickets: $10 GA, $25 VIP

We’re bringing out the big guns. We’re playing with our best band friends, and we want our best friends to be there with us. Come hang out for a great night of great drinks, great games, and great music.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Be well. Chat soon. Xoxo.
Spencer, Ethan, Jason, Jonathan, Angela, and Crocket

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