EverGroove Studios

We're venturing up to beautiful Evergreen, Colorado, to record our new single Sleep Talkin' at the illustrious Evergroove Studios then broadcasting a LIVE in-studio session of all The Hollow hits just for you. :)

Check out this teaser of our new banger Sleep Talkin'.

And check this out...

We'll be DEBUTING Sleep Talkin' LIVE FROM EVERGROOVE STUDIOS. It'll be the FIRST AND ONLY TIME you can hear it before our single/music video release show in October. 


You'll be able to chat with the band during the live stream via the comment section! Ask questions along the way and we'll respond in between the rock!!


Here's how it's all going down:

Streamed to Your Favorite Device

Sunday, July 16th
6:00pm MT

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So you're probably thinking to yourself, well that's cool... I'm not doing ANYTHING on a Sunday at 6:00pm. Well, that was the idea, to get you pumped for the week ahead.

So PJ up and tune in to Evergroove and see history in the making. ;) 

Click here for deets and to RSVP so we can send you a calendar invite with everything you need!

See you in the Upside Down!


Spencer, Angela, Jonathan, Ethan, Jason, & Crocket
The Hollow

p.s. Interested in joining us in person at the Evergroove studio in Evergreen, Colorado AND in the opportunity to have your voice immortalized in the recording studio with us and get those sweet pipes on the recording? Check the box below to learn more...

p.p.s. you're not going to want to miss out on this. #FOMO

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You interested and able to come to Evergroove Studios in person in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado, hang with the band, and sing on the new track?