As far as work ethic goes, there aren’t many other acts in this town with more perseverance and commitment than the melodic rock quartet The Hollow.
— Brian Fredrick, Rooster Magazine


Photo Credit: Bruce Mitchell

Photo Credit: Bruce Mitchell

The Hollow made its debut in the CPR Performance Studio earlier this month. The band members played four songs and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the new lineup’s first year together, using drones to film the music video for “Sleep Talkin’” and how writing their music is therapeutic.”
— Daniel Mescher, Colorado Public Radio


Photo taken by Jura Daubenspeck

Photo taken by Jura Daubenspeck

...I found that The Hollow are a group of passionate and hard-working musicians who are as hilarious as they are dedicated. They’ve got the chops, and will stop at nothing to make sure that in due time, everyone in Denver will know exactly who they are.
— Jura Daubenspeck, BolderBeat

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Daily Utah Chronicle

‘...when people hear The Hollow usually they think of something very dark... metaphorically it’s reminiscent of death... Our reasoning for having this name is so that we have the opportunity to share with people the flip side of what the hollow is. That flip side,’ Hughes says, ‘is the motif of The Hollow’s work: that though life may feel dark and heavy right now, it doesn’t have to forever; you have the power to do what you want in spite of the darkness you are fighting.’
— Casey Koldewyn, Daily Utah Chronicle

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Marquee MagAzine

With a biting, cynical narrative, Denver modern rockers The Hollow tear into Kim Kardashian on the opening track to their self-titled EP... While the track (An Open Letter To Kim K) might point a finger at Kimmie, it more accurately shows disdain for the entire tabloid culture that has given Mrs. West her celebrity.
— Brian F. Johnson, Marquee Magazine



"An Open Letter..." on KTCL 93.3




Special thanks to Robert King Photography, Aimee Giese of Greeblehaus, Joel Rekiel of BLDGBLKS Music Company , Sofar Denver, and Matt Cooper of Mods in Oz, and Drew Carlson Photography.