We are truly grateful for your support of our project. We endeavor to make musical entrepreneurship our career and life's work and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :)

As a special thank you, here's a free download The Hollow EP:

As well, here's a Dropbox link, Spotify, & SoundCloud. (SoundCloud is cool because it has 'Baby Trax'... snippets of upcoming bangers we're currently writing.)

If you're the social media type... let's hangout on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebeard!

Also, we would love, love, love to see you at a show real soon, click here for dates. As well, if you want to see us live, check out this video of Mask of Pearly Whites. Caution... it goes super hard. ;)

Thank you so much again, appreciate you to the moon and back.